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140722 Starlight “Rebellion”



I want to start off clarifying that this “rebellion” became more of a fight among Starlights instead of Starlights with Jellyfish.

It all began when Jellyfish posted an announcement saying that pictures, videos, and recordings are strictly forbidden not only during the concert but inside the concert hall. As soon as fans entered, staff prevented them from taking pictures of even the empty stage though not as strictly enforced. As I remember, however, when they made the announcement once more right before the concert started, they said, “if caught…. forced to leave…”. I think this brought fans to think that they could take pictures etc. as long as they did not get caught. During the first concert, a few fans were dragged out because they were caught, or more accurately, they were reported to the staff by fellow fans around them. Nevertheless, fansite managers uploaded high quality photos of the concert on twitter and other SNS.

On the 20th, Jellyfish posted another announcement upon realizing this. To summarize, they will not allow those who are reported of breaking the rules to attend any official events or apply to support for 3 months. Some Starlights have been reporting all the fansites who broke the rules, and those fansite managers’ privileges have been taken away, resulting in fansite managers angered and freezing their sites.

At first, it was a fight between Starlights (especially fansite managers) and Jellyfish. The fansites couldn’t understand why photos, videos, and recordings were forbidden - for who’s sake. Their argument was that this is for all the fans to enjoy, especially those who could not attend the concerts. However, it has been turning into a war within the fandom itself as some Starlights have constantly been reporting these fansites. These Starlights are taking the stance that rules are rules and we should follow them since Jellyfish explicitly made numerous announcements.


Against-fantakens Starlights:

  • You should follow rules and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a fansite manager or not. Rules are rules.
  • We’re getting a DVD anyway. What’s the point? Don’t risk it for all of us.

For-fantakens Starlights:

  • It’s funny how everyone is looking at the pictures and fancams, etc. and yet still reporting them or having a problem with them. Hypocritical.
  • As fans who have been getting so much from these fansites and participating in all their events and such, you should be supporting them. You can’t just turn your back on people who’ve given you so much.
  • Fantakens are obviously different from the DVD.
  • Any fan would want to share every moment with each other.

It wouldn’t be as big of an issue as it is now if everyone tried to work with each other instead of just cursing and fighting. But at this point, we’ll just have to try to figure out how to solve this instead of figuring out who is right or wrong, because this just arose from two different ways of loving VIXX.

Thank you for clarifying a few things. I already wrote about this issue on my blog and seeing both sides of the issue as well, have proposed the following for netizens (particularly international fans):

1. Don’t say mean things about other fans. In fact, if you can’t say anything nice, just don’t say it. They’re not any less of a fan for disagreeing with you. Ignore it, and move on. If you’re having a bad day, get offline and go outside. Look up workout videos on youtube and sweat the stress away. The hype will wear off in a few days, so just avoid it until then.

2. If you’re not okay with seeing fancams, simply block the fansites on twitter posting them. Unfollowing people you were okay with 3 days ago sends a bad message, and will only invoke more conflict. Don’t attack your mutuals retweeting pictures or other content from the concert, simply block the source. If they continue talking about it, just ignore them. If you’re really just sick of seeing fancams and can’t avoid it, refer to #1.

3. If you ARE okay with seeing fancams, be courteous of your followers who don’t want to see them and won’t retweet them. The damage has already been done - the rules have already been broken, however, retweeting these pictures only encourages fansites to continue to break the rules and piss other people off. Feel free to privately message people who you want to share pictures with that are okay with it (I mean, you really want to see them and I can’t stop you), but don’t do it out in the open, especially if your account is set to public. It just sends a bad message. If you are having a hard time doing that, refer to #1.

Honestly, I wouldn’t report my fellow fans for recording because AGAIN, it only induces conflict. I’m not a justice warrior, I’m a peace keeper - I don’t want to get involved in the conflict, I want people to stop fighting and get along. If the staff caught someone filming at the concert, then that’s between that person and the staff - count me out. Basically, by fans intervening and trying to do what they think is the right thing to do, they are now part of the problem, which is why even though I personally don’t agree with the fact that they broke the rules (regardless of their intentions), reporting them was not necessarily conducive to the fandom environment. I think many may disagree by saying that what they did was (potentially) illegal (if the content was copyrighted, of course), but that’s for Jellyfish and their legal team to deal with, not the fans. It doesn’t benefit VIXX members for their fans to turn against one another in any way.

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KBEE Ambassador Ceremony 140721
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