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hello everyone greece here

i guess i’ll start this post by saying that i’m finally a senior and i’m finally going to be graduating from high school and go to community college. unfortunately, my school is a bit strict on its regulations, and even though i have good grades i can’t graduate (graduation is a bit complicated, but i’ll explain it) until i finish my senior project

senior projects are different when it comes to individual schools, but for my school our senior project has the senior class learn a new skill or expand our knowledge on what we want to become in the future i.e. volunteering at a animal hospital for those who want to become veterinarians

it sounds fun and all, but if seniors don’t finish it, we will not be able to graduate from our respective BRANCH of our high school. the only way to explain this ~without giving the name of my school away~ is to imagine someone from slytherin not completing their senior project and having their graduation certificate only say that they graduated from hogwarts and not from the slytherin house~we also may not be allowed to walk on stage either

luckily we’re able to work in groups and i chose to do it with a close friend of mine, so it would be a lot easier. we decided to learn korean good job greece really creative because i want to become a translator maybe english teacher in korea and maybe go to ewha woman’s university and my friend wants to live in korea and maybe become a trainee huhuhu

here’s where i need help, in order for our korean learning to be deemed as “official” from our school we have to buy official textbooks from colleges. i can’t be a pirate lol and illegally download books and i can’t go to talktomeinkorean or any other website that sells cheaper books because my school just won’t take it. and we also have to take the topik (test of proficiency in korean) and get a level 2 certificate so we also have to get study guides and/or textbooks for the topik (kind of like a study guide for ap’s)

these textbooks also have to be korean official and have to come FROM korea, so i can’t go to a close community college and can’t buy a used book for $80, i have to go online and buy it online

in order for you guys to understand how much it costs the level 1 seoul national university book consists of a korean 1 textbook, korean 1 textbook audio, korean 1 workbook, and korean 1 workbook audio, which easily amounts to $100 plus the shipping

remember that there are TWO of us and we need to learn enough korean to reach level 2 on the TOPIK (the topik also has a registration fee of $30) so these books, though plenty, are not enough. we also need to buy the study guides for the topik and as they have just changed the format of the topik fairly recently the only study guide i have found is this one that costs $60 with shipping

that being said, my friend and i honestly come from low-income families (mine being so low that we can’t even pay for Netflix). we have been trying to raise money but we really just don’t have the time to try to sell all the time (my excuse being my seven classes, six being AP’s) and we just don’t have the enough money to buy these items and we don’t have time to earn money

{we’re actually not the only ones with this problem, other students are having to raise money as well}

while i don’t expect donations of $100, i would greatly appreciate any kind of donation be it $1 or be it just reblogging this post. really ANYTHING can help us because we just don’t have the resources to buy these things at all

if any of you reading this are willing to donate anything you can donate here at gofundme, and if you have any questions please don’t feel afraid to message me

~thank you all so so much for reading this~


cr: Call My Name // DO NOT EDIT


cr: Call My Name // DO NOT EDIT


Incheon Airport 140910밤그늘 do not edit


Incheon Airport 140910
밤그늘 do not edit

hakyeon carrying hyukie in bridal-style( • ̀ω•́ )ง